Beat The Bloat 14 Day Program

taught by Dina Savitz

Course description

Want to know the number one problem my clients tell me about? 

How bloated they feel at the end of the day...and how over it they are.

Feeling bloated is not fun.

If that's happening for you, too, I've got some happy news...

I made something for you! 

It’s a 14 day challenge that will teach you how to reduce your bloating and stop you looking pregnant (when you’re not) and give you the tools to manage your symptoms so that you end the day feeling good (not listening to your tummy talk to you). 

Over 14 days, each day you will have access to a video and PDF with some type of challenge for you to complete that day which will help reduce your bloating. This program is all delivered ONLINE via this website and you will have access to the content for a further 2 weeks after the program has ended (28 days access in total). 

If this sounds like the kind of program you want to be in on, check out what's involved below and sign up at the link at the top of this page!

Dina Savitz
Dina Savitz
Naturopath, Fitness & Wellness Consultant

Dina Savitz endeavours to make the world a healthier place by inspiring people to make time to look after themselves and use more natural medicine. As a naturopath and personal trainer, she integrates traditional natural medicine with current scientific research relating to diet and exercise in face-to-face & Skype consultations as well as through her online programs.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Beat The Bloat 14 Day Program
Day 1 - What is causing your bloating?
Day 2 - Food & Lifestyle Diaries
Day 6 - Learn how to optimise your gut with prebiotics & probiotics
Day 7 - How diverse are you?
Day 8 - Small Steps = Big Changes!
Day 9 - Learn to manage your bloating with herbal medicine part 1
Day 10 - Learn to manage your bloating with herbal medicine part 2
Day 11 - What can you do when the bloating just won't go away?
Day 12 - How does stress make you bloated?
Day 13 - Does your tummy talk to you late into the night?
Day 14 - Now You Can Beat Your Bloat!